For me I can’t go wrong with seafood since my surgery.  I sometimes have trouble with chicken so my go to meal when we go out is almost always seafood and a side of veggies or a small salad.  A real easy meal to make for dinner is to just get some plain frozen tilapia or haddock or even cod and add your own seasonings.  Chris and I love to drizzle some evvo on then throw some fresh chopped garlic and spinach on top and a little salt and pepper throw it in the oven.  You can add garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, some parsley and Italian seasonings.  You can really put what you want on any of these kinds of fish, they are so versatile and easy to digest.  You can saute some shrimp and add your own seasonings and just throw them over some veggies.  I often buy crab and add it to my salads for lunch. There are so many good recipe’s out there to try so start cooking.