So when I was working in an office it was a lot easier to prep for lunches. I am now on the road all day so it’s getting a little tricky. Right now I pack a cooler with plenty of water and for my lunch I will pack half a pb+j sandwich. I use all natural pb and we make our own jam, and I put in on whole grain bread. Aldis sells a great whole grain bread. I also make pizza and freeze it, I just take a whole grain pita or rustic flat out bread and spread a little sauce add some mozz cheese some seasonings and veggies, bake them and these are great cold. I cut up all kinds of raw veggies and portion them out in snack bags at the beginning of the week. I also make my own greek veggie dip. I will post that recipe as well. Pack a snack size bag of grapes or apples. String cheese is a great option, also I always keep a small bag of nuts with me at all great protein pick me up. I try to stay away from cereal bars or breakfast bars, full of sugar and preservatives. I stopped eating lunch meat altogether, I was getting horrible migraines and lunch meat is a major cause for those it is full of nitrates and fillers. Tuna or chicken salad on whole grain pita or flat out bread, or wrapped in a romaine lettuce wrap. When I was in an office I would take leftovers from dinner or make a nice salad and top it withh a ton of veggies and tuna or chicken. Once in a while I would bring soup in but only homemade restaurants tend to load then with sodium. I hope this helps.