So I wish there was someone to guide you through all of this in the beginning.  So I am going to try and help. I had a hard time with going out with friends and family when I first started this and especially going to parties.  In the beginning I would plan out my shakes so I would have one at the party the whole time.  Its just something to do with your hands and mind with all that good stuff there.   If we were going to a restaurant I would have a shake on the way and then order a side of potatoes or some applesauce, something easy and guaranteed not to make you throw up.  As I progressed I started packing my own food like one of my kids to take with us, do not be embarrassed people will be so proud of you, you have no idea and they all want to help.   I would always bring food because you never know what’s going to be there and or if you can digest it.   This will also be helpful to keep you on track.  Always, always have water with you, there should be no excuse for not having it. I will add more to this