So we are going to a very special twins 2nd birthday party today and I am making a pasta salad so I saw this salad on forkknifeswoon.com and I could not resist.  The only thing I added was a grilled chicken breast.  I think you will find that If you have had weight loss surgery you will add protein to anything and everything you can add protein to, and you will make multiple dishes at a time. I do and cut my portions up and freeze so I have a healthy lunch alternative or a quick dinner.  Soo I’m off track  It is creamy and taste like summer Then I thought I would just look up lemon chicken because I marinated 4 chicken breasts together and I used one for my salad so I found this recipe from Shutterbean.com for her Lemon Chicken, I just alternated it a little bit, instead of chicken thighs I used chicken breasts,  I added no butter or flour and I had a ton of juice.  I ate it just plain without rice or potatoes my husband had it over rice and  he thought it would have been great over a whole grain angel hair pasta.  Let me know what you think……