So my husband Chris and I are on a constant battle against junk food and our children. I don’t want to deprive them of ever having an Oreo cookie again but on the other hand I want them to naturally want to make healthier choices.  Our nine year old is making this steady healthy journey with us and with great ease, our 7 year old not so much.  So we are trying all kinds of new recipes to help them out.  We have had a fairly large veggie garden for years now and every year we seem to change it a little, add some different ones, take some out that didn’t work (CORN). LOL .  We also have a wonderful farmers market in North Tonawanda NY, and we buy a ton there.  Chris’s grandfather just bought us a whole flat of strawberries, and I had a great time with those.  So here’s my recipe for homemade ice cream.


I used 2 full quart frozen bags of strawberries

Skim Milk / and or Greek yogurt for some extra protein

1/4 cup sugar (if you want. I don’t)


So I just started by blending the strawberries by themselves in our Ninja, and by the way thank goodness for the Ninja. Then slowly add either milk or Greek yogurt, you may need to add a little milk either way just to thin it out a little.  I choose not to add sugar just because the strawberries are sweet enough on there own.  Then I scoop it out into our bowls and you will need to eat it right away.  The rest of It I put into Tupperware and it freezes amazingly! Feel free to incorporate any other fruits as well, blueberries, raspberries, bananas…. I would freeze any and all fruit but make sure to peel the bananas first.