When I started this new Journey of mine I really pushed myself, I pushed myself to the point where I literally could not sit for one week after one of my workouts,  and my best friend Lisa said to me why are you going so crazy with these workouts, you need to start out with what you are capable of doing and not overdo it.  So I started out a little slower, I would go to the gym 4/6 days a week but I also did workouts at home.  I started with walking on the treadmill 15 minutes at a time and every other day I would add 5 minutes till I worked up to an hour, at home I started doing yoga 2/3 nights a week.  You can get a really cheap yoga mat at Walmart and I looked up yoga classes on you tube, I love Tara Stiles beginner yoga classes, she has a series of six that is great and if you have had a really tough workout I suggest doing the stretching class when you get home or the next night, and buy a Google Chromecast to put it on your TV, such a great and cheap investment, you won’t have to stare at a small computer screen. I also picked up some small weights at Walmart and a kettle ball, we get a lot of snow so sometimes you just can’t get to the gym . I started weight lifting slowly, I would do arms one day then legs the next. I would do 15 min intervals, then I slowly worked my way up to 45 minutes of weight lifting every other day.  It’s downright freezing where I am from 5/6 months out of the year so when spring hit I started walking with my dog, we started at 1 mile and now we are up to 4.5 every time I take her out.  She is only 11 months old so we had to build her up to this.  I am now trying to run 2/3 times a week, it is taking me a lot longer to build the stamina to do this, I guess I had the expectations to just being able to run, I certainly didn’t  take it easy I can’t believe what a workout I get with the running and walking routine that I have.

So here is a quick breakdown of how I started out…

I would do the treadmill 15 minutes and add 5 every other day

I started weight lifting starting with arms one day and legs the next- I would try 3 machines at a time and  then do different ones my next workout.  If you don’t know how to use the machines ask anyone, I was always afraid to bother anyone at the gym, believe me they love showing you how to use the equipment.

I soon worked up to 25 min on the treadmill, then I would lift weights for 15/30 min then I would hop on the elliptical for 15 min to finish my workout

You can mix this up anyway you want, I am not a professional in any way but I was so lost on all of this.  Just do what you feel comfortable doing.

I now do 45 min on the elliptical then lift weights for 30-40 min then finish off with a quick sprint on the treadmill.