So my biggest issue  I have had since I had my surgery is what the heck do I eat for breakfast.  First I am not a fan of breakfast , it’s not that I don’t like breakfast food I just never seem to be hungry.  So I have been doing a lot of research and looking and trying a ton of recipes.


My go to so far is nonfat vanilla greek yogurt, and I love to put just a little shaved dark chocolate or some organic protein packed granola.  But be careful of what granola or what dark chocolate you choose.  Granola can be loaded with calories and dark chocolate with sugar and fat.  The higher in cacao you go the less fat and sugar you get but the trouble with that sometimes is how bitter it can get.  You could also top that with fresh fruit.  


Another one that I love is egg cups, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to these, I know tweak it to my preference of what I like in them.  They are portable and easy to reheat and freeze.  I will add this is the recipe category.


Veggie Eggs.   I also will take a ton of veggies, for example onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers what ever you prefer, saute them and freeze them in small separate containers and you can scramble up some eggs and toss one of these containers in and instant meal in under 3 minutes.  I will also add this recipe. So easy to make  and so many ways to use them, you can freeze larger amounts and add shrimp or chicken and its then lunch and dinner as well. 

I also make quinoa in large amounts and add yogurt or fresh fruit to this as well, I will as well have some recipes for this on my page.


I make my own protein packed quinoa granola bars so customizable recipe in the recipe categories and so easy freeze.